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  • 7-9 November 2021
  • Dubai World Trade Centre

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Savoury Snacks

Savoury Snacks

Globally, savoury snacks is set to grow at a CAGR) of 3% in retail value terms, MENA has likewise the same CAGR.

Private label is expected to gradually expand in the snacks market, including nuts

Innovation is set to focus on the combination of different nut types following similar patterns to those already seen in more developed markets

The extensive presence of supermarkets and hypermarkets in urban areas stands to increase the affordability of nuts


Market trends

  • There is a transition from unpackaged to packaged snacks as the global demand increases particularly in fast growing economies like China and India.
  • Promotions and private label offerings through supermarkets in heavily populated areas will underpin the growth of these products among less affluent consumers, driving retail value sales through greater volume sales. Overall, extruded snacks in India will likely become highly polarised between premium and economy offerings.



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