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  • 3-5 November 2020
  • Dubai World Trade Centre

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Ice Cream and Frozen Desserts

Ice Cream and Frozen Desserts

Ice cream and frozen desserts is set to increase by 2% CAGR over the forecast period globally and 5% in the MENA region.

More ice cream = more volumes = more money per product

Ice cream is no longer being eaten seasonally, it is increasingly being eaten all-year round and more like a snack. 

Hand-held ice creams are doing well in both dairy and water-based.

 The main rising theme in ice cream in 2018 was the growth of healthier alternatives to standard ice cream.


Repositioning to regular indulgence

  • The aim of the producer of Halo Top, Breyers and others is to reposition ice cream as a product that can be indulged in regularly with less guilt.
  • The brands are aiming to portray that consumers can still adapt to a health and wellness lifestyle while indulging in these products simultaneously.



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