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29 OCTOBER - 31 OCTOBER 2019    Dubai World Trade Centre                 عربي

Confectionery, Sweets & Snacks at yummex Middle East

Chocolate Confectionery

Middle East and North Africa chocolate confectionery is expected to grow by 2% CAGR, which is in line with the global CAGR.

Developing a high-quality, heat-stable chocolate first could be a significant advantage in hot weather markets such as India and the Middle East, particularly among the most affluent consumers
While some products can be seen settling into a pattern of steady growth after time, chocolate continues to innovate
There is a strong possibility that more retail outlets serving premium chocolate will appear, particularly in Western markets, as consumers begin to prioritize experience and quality
Cold chain logistics remain one of main challenges in bringing leading premium chocolate brands to some of the fastest growing markets, such as India

Did you know?

Mass premium products operate at higher margins than mass standard chocolate, while miniaturisation - offering smaller products at smaller product prices - has also improved profitability



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