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UAE’s No.1 Milkshake Brand Talk Success

UAE’s No.1 Milkshake Brand Talk Success

As youth populations seek out chilled desserts with maximum novelty factor to post online, Osman Fattani, Marketing Manager at Shakeism Milkshakes lets us into some of the Award winning brand’s secrets to success.

How did Shakeism come about?

It all started with a blender. The founder, Muhammad Petafi, bought a blender and started experimenting with different recipe ideas. The business literally started from here. It first led to concession stores within other restaurants and eventually an independent shop.

Congratulations on being named UAE’s best milkshake by Zomato. What is making your products so popular?

I’d say it’s a mix between creating high quality, unique products and working to create a brand that has its own identity and attitude, compared to the other players in the market.

Would you say that many of your customers are busy consumers seeking something to eat or drink on-the-go?

Some of them, yes.  Our business model is focused mainly on deliveries, so we get a fair few people ordering to their offices. But mainly, we tend to cater to late-night cravings. We also have a lot of customers doing late night drive-bys.

As weird and wonderful flavour combinations continue to dominate the confectionery scene can you tell us about your best sellers?

Branded chocolate products tend to go down well with our customers. 16 Bars is a waffle with hazelnut cream, crushed Oreo and Hershey’s cookies and creme. And Full Metal Jacket is a milkshake with Nutella, Ferrero Rocher and Kinder Bueno. Both are top sellers.


As consumers prioritise their health, are you stocking any better-for-you products that are perhaps lower in sugar?

Honestly, not really. Enjoying what you eat is part of maintaining a balanced diet, so for us it’s important that we know who we are and focus on what we are offering to the market. Our products can be considered a sweet/savoury pick-me-up or perhaps someone’s cheat meal.

What advice would you give to aspiring F&B startups?

Focus on getting your product right, keep experimenting and adapting to change and make sure you go into a food business with enough capital to get you through the first year.

How do you utilize social media?

We mainly focus on Instagram and post fairly regularly. We try to make sure we’re putting out original content out in the form of food images and video.


Why will you be attending yummex Middle East?

yummex is a great show because it focuses on a particular segment within F&B, expands it and showcases the best of what the segment has to offer. We generally don’t get involved with many exhibitions but at yummex we find that we learn a lot about what different players in our industry are doing as well as picking up new ideas and identifying trends that are developing.


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