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  • 7-9 November 2021
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Health & Wellness Trends & Insights

Health & Wellness Trends & Insights

Eye on the media: What are the latest trends in Health & Wellness?

Gulfood Global Industry Outlook Report 2018

Brand values are increasingly the key differentiators for the modern consumer.

  • Consumers consider farmer livelihoods and animal welfare important first steps in the supply chain with governments demanding traceability from farm to table to ensure clean and sanitary production and processing methods.
  • Consumers throughout the world are demonstrating their interest in natural, healthier, high quality and safely produced food and beverages through their current purchasing decisions. This demand is set to expand as many families teach their children a new set of expectations.
  • In developed markets consumers are more inclined towards purchasing added-value products, preferably with natural ingredients, Plant-based and alternative proteins, fermentation and probiotics will increasingly form part of a healthy diet with blockchain technology supporting safer supply chains and controls.
  • Flexitarian, vegetarian and vegan populations are growing, but even among general consumers there are many who believe that gluten- or lactose-free products are good for digestion and that alternative high-protein sources are kinder to the environment as well as better for your health.
  • In Saudi Arabia, young women are becoming increasingly aware of healthy lifestyles, pushing manufacturers to launch new products that are health-oriented as well as affordable.
  • In China, national concern around obesity is forcing parents to focus on their children’s health and their consumption of processed foods. Parents now look for lower sugar, fat and salt content in the processed food they give their children and try to ensure a proper diet of nutrients and vitamins.


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