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29 OCTOBER - 31 OCTOBER 2019    Dubai World Trade Centre

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Show Features

yummex ME Innovation Awards 2018


The most innovative products in the world of Chocolate, Hard & Soft Candy, Bakery and Snacks are about to be announced. Don’t miss this year’s hotly anticipated winners as selected by an independent jury of experts.

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yummex Gelato Campus

Hosted in cooperation with one of global leaders in Gelato production and technology, The yummex Gelato Campus is gearing up to turn competitive gelato creation into an immersive, multisensory experience onsite at yummex 2018. Responding to the growing demand for gelato as a premium, lower fat consumer indulgence, today’s F&B outlets have a vested interest in honing and promoting the skills that are central to this traditional Italian art form. Showcasing the latest raw materials and technologies on the market, the yummex Gelato Campus welcomes international experts to demonstrate their master knowledge of gelato recipe development and flavour creation whilst empowering HORECA businesses to acquire important market share in this niche yet fast growing F&B category.

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Sweet Trends by Innova Market Insights

&B intelligence providers Innova Market Insights are utilising yummex Middle East to unveil the biggest confectionery and snack trends impacting the industry in 2018

At The Speciality Food Festival

Global Date Market

The world’s largest gathering of date buyers is back. Connect with top distributors, hotels, restaurants, supermarkets and other specialist traders sourcing a wide range of date varieties.

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Chef's Theatre

Don’t miss your chance to see Michelin and celebrity chefs creating next level seafood, organic, gluten free and artisan cuisine in a bustling festival environment.

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Young Chefs Hotel Challenge

The region’s biggest hotels are committing their most talented chefs to be part of a pool of 30 under 30 next-generation culinary stars.

Be part of the penultimate decision. Which of these talented Chefs under 30 years of age will be flown to Italy to deliver the most important service of their careers so far? 

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Master of Pizza

The Best Pizza chef In UAE 2018 by MARRA FORNY.

The best pizza restaurants in the UAE will be competing for the ultimate Master of Pizza title at The Speciality Food Festival


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At GulfHost

GulfHost Innovation Awards

The GulfHost Innovation Awards recognise the standout progressive technologies that are shaping the future of hospitality equipment solutions in the MENA region. With an independent judging panel managed by Strategic Partner the International Centre for Culinary Arts (ICCA), this year’s Awards welcome 2 new categories to the fore.  

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ICCA World Chefs Education Theatre

Hosted in partnership with World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS) and the Emirates Culinary Guild (ECG), the ICCA World Chefs Education Theatre provides certified training to executive chefs seeking next level culinary development.  Utilizing custom built, cutting-edge kitchen technology on the Theatre floor, participants are guided through a series of workshops covering food preparation techniques and trends, ingredient cost management, food waste reduction and productivity output.

GulfHost Restaurant Development Conference

The GulfHost Restaurant Development Conference powered by the International Center for Culinary Arts in Dubai (ICCA) and the Middle East Food Forum (MEFF) is an open-door, transformative learning platform hosted by the brightest lights in regional F&B.  Over 3 days, more than 60 high profile speakers take to the floor to share their proven methods for navigating the latest shifts in local and regional Foodservice.

National Barista & Latte Art Championship

Join an all-star line-up of world leading coffee brands and aficionados coming together to craft precision patterns and designer coffee in various formats. Running parallel to the brand new Café & Bar segment at GulfHost, regional baristas now have the chance to compete for industry acclaim at this internationally renowned platform certified by World Coffee Events (WCE) and organized by the Specialty Coffee Association UAE Chapter (SCAE).

House of Tea

Visitors with a specific focus on artisanal beverages are welcome to attend the Dilmah School of Tea and the Afternoon Tea for the 21st Century Competition as part of GulfHost’s brand new House of Tea feature in 2018.  As the demand for high-end tea grows throughout the world, this inspiring and dynamic Programme will majorly assist your Foodservice knowledge and skillset for the year ahead

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