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  • 3-5 November 2020
  • Dubai World Trade Centre

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SAN- Pajda Sp. z o.o.

SAN- Pajda Sp. z o.o.

Hall: ZAB5 Stand: Z5-Q11
  • | Bakery
  • | Other
  • | 2019

We would like to take a moment to introduce to you to our company in a few short words. We are a well-known manufacturer of biscuits in the Polish market and the leader in selling sponge biscuits (“Lady Fingers” – brand name).

In the past, our factory was owned by a company named “San Jaroslaw”, later by “United Biscuits Poland” (British McVitie’s Group) and afterwards French “LU” (the biscuit section of the Danone consortium) as well as “Kraft Foods Poland”.

In 2003, after reclaiming the plant from “Danone”, it became the property of our family. We currently employ over 100 people and we specialise in the production of biscuits based on traditional recipes and natural, healthy ingredients (i.e. egg, flour, sugar and honey). As for quality, our products fulfil all the required standards set by the above-mentioned consortiums. Our biscuits are traded across the entire country both through traditional wholesalers and supermarket networks. They are distributed throughout the member countries of the European Union and North America where they are well-loved by our consumers. We stand by the quality of our goods and packaging methods, which provide a long shelf life without deterioration in taste or excellence – all with the simultaneous benefit of containing zero artificial additives and flavouring.

We are interested in expanding the scope of our distribution network and cooperation with new clients both in terms of delivery and sales (wholesale recipients, local and national retail networks) as well as collaboration in supplying our facilities with such resources and materials as: eggs, flour, sugar, honey and cardboard boxes made of corrugated cardboard.


FPC "SAN" - Pajda Sp. z o.o.
Blichowa 11
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